A Fresh Start

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A Fresh Start

News You Can Use

This section is devoted to interesting news in and around fashion.
This month I focus on Winter.

When I was growing up, there were one or two fashion trends each season. According to Paris Vogue, this winter we have about 24 fashion trends. I think we should each cultivate our own style.
Play. Enhance. Adorn.
Paris Vogue 24 Trends

poncho by Isabel Marant

When the weather is bone chilling, I always go for a blanket!
Or a poncho.
Nice poncho by Isabel Marant.
Be sure to also check out my Jacket selection.

Fabulous Fashionistas – Women To Admire

This Month I admire Sarah Jane Adams

At 62, she set up an Instagram account for her antique jewelry label, Sara Mai Jewels, that has garnered an impressive 157k following, thanks to her exuberant eclecticism and devil-may-care attitude.

In a world that all too often denigrates getting older, Adams is all about celebrating it.

Adams has always fiercely carved her own path. The jewelry-designer-turned-icon-of-ageing-fabulously names “aloneness, singularity, irreverence and rebellion” as her driving forces and makes a point of never seeking anyone’s approval but her own.

We all have to make time to really get to know ourselves and understand who we are. Only then can we be truly strong and effective in this world.”

Sarah Jane Adams

Sarah Jane Adams

More about  Sarah Jane Adams

Body Geometry

Body Geometry is my system for designing and engineering clothing to fit the different body shapes: Circle, Square, Rectangle, Triangle, Inverted Triangle, and Hourglass.

Let’s talk about the Circle

If you have a circle shape torso, you have the most difficult shape to dress (you knew that already, of course). The length of your arms and legs will determine whether you should layer your clothes or go with asymmetrical lines. Longer limbs have the advantage with this shape, allowing for layering as well as asymmetry. Shorter limbs limit your options.

A good look for a Circle

grey cotton kimono jacketMy Kimono Jacket shown in Grey Textured cotton, layered with an organic cotton tunic and black slim leg pant.

Which shape are you? If you are unsure, come on in to my atelier, or send a picture of yourself, and I will advise you!

Laura is looking to add team members!

1) SALES – Must LOVE fashion, people and selling. Part time.
Call me! 520.981.9891

2) Creative / Graphics person to mock up postcards, look books, and assorted promotional materials. Project based work. Call me! 520.981.9891



Upcoming events

January 17 2019: Artisan Showcase featuring Candace Greenburg and Linda Friedman. Both are extraordinary artisans, and I am delighted to showcase their work. This is an evening event, from 4-8 pm. It is open to all.

January 20 2019: Private Party at the Atelier!
Email us if you would like to book a private party with us. Or call: 520.981.9891

February 23-26 2019: NYC Fashion Market Week. I am showing my Fall 2019 Collection at Studio Atelier. Looking forward to it!

Awards and Accolades

We’re proud to be included Arizona Foothills magazine’s Best Of Our Valley 2019!

Laura Tanzer AZFoothills Best Of Our Valley Independent Womens Clothing Designer

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