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About Laura Tanzer

Laura Tanzer designs and makes modern clothing for women with a focus on quality of materials, construction, and fit. We incorporate natural fibers with sophisticated styling, blending exquisite textures, luxurious fabrics from sustainable natural materials, and digital printing to create a symphony of fashion.  We create beautiful garments, all of which are designed and made by skilled sewing technicians in Tucson, Arizona.  Laura Tanzer won the Emerging Designer of the Year award at Phoenix Fashion Week 2016.

Laura Tanzer

Owner, Designer

Life is rich; we all have many stories that make it so. Our stories are expressed through prose, poetry, architecture, culinary delights, drawing, painting, singing, performance, photography, sculpture, and various mixes of these and other media. It’s the mix that is so interesting – each of us is our own individual work of art. I love that. Each of us is a Rembrandt or a Botticelli.

I was born an artist. I’ve been drawing since I could hold a pencil. I’ve experimented with all forms of two and three dimensional media, mastering most (ah, Virgo perfectionism), and mixing those that jazz me. And it always changes. But my desire, my passion, my most creative expression, comes through designing clothing. I cannot resist the sensuality of textiles. I succumb to the call of color and form, the desire to sculpt, to paint with texture and pattern, to mold perfection to that most perfect and complex of nature’s masterpiece – the human body. How sublime! How challenging! No two are alike, yet we come equipped with all of the same accoutrements.

And so. The ideas flow from anything and everything. A mood. An art installation. A visit to a new place. A snip of textile from long ago. Media is mixed and curated. Ideas are generated. Illustrations drawn. The sculpting begins. Fabric draped. Mannequin pinned. First draft cut and sewn and nipped and tucked. It’s the process that both stimulates and soothes. I’m jazzed. Focused.

A story. A wild grandmother born and bred in NYC. Original fashionista. A great grandmother who was a milliner. Grandfathers and great grandfathers who were tailors and artists and craftsmen.

But that wild grandmother was my heart and soul. Unrestrained joy in creating clothes that were unique, and altogether different from anyone else’s. I learned craft and joy. She was, and still is, my muse.

We made clothes for my Barbie, entered fashion contests. I didn’t care about winning, only the process. At 7 I was already finding my self through the process of creating beauty.

A story. Living and breathing fashion, working on seventh avenue for designer(s) and freelancing on my free time – designing shoes and hats and clothes for other design houses. Realizing I could build my own…. Returning to school, this time for business. Getting sidetracked by my intellectual capacity. Who knew? Moving to the desert to study ‘in the wild’, ‘in all that emptiness’ – quotes from my grandmother, who also asked if she should send soap…. And who finally followed me to live out her last years here.

My design company in the desert is my focus. My passion. This is all-consuming. It’s a bit of a wild ride. It is fun. Join me!


Laura Tanzer honed her fashion illustration skills at Parsons School of Design and technical skills at Fashion Institute of Technology, graduating with honors.  She worked on Seventh Avenue in the fashion industry for several years before attending business school.  Laura graduated from NYU’s Stern School of Business with a bachelor’s degree in international marketing and an MBA in international finance.

To better understand the fundamentals of sustainable practice, Laura pursued a PhD at the University of Arizona’s School of Renewable Natural Resources.  (Dissertation completed, but not defended.)  That knowledge was the final input for creating a sustainable women’s clothing design business.

It was always Laura’s intent to combine her business and fashion skills, and to create a company that could reflect her passion for fashion while also implementing the sustainable practice concepts that she taught at the University of Arizona.

Founded in October 2013, Laura Tanzer, LLC is the embodiment of that intent.

We love working with Stylists!

Looking to create a particular mood?  Emphasize a particular theme or color?  We’re happy to help photo stylists and producers achieve the look you want for your celebrity, business personality and editorial articles!

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Benefits of selling Laura Tanzer designs in your boutique or shop: Excellent fit and distinctive style; Award-winning designs (Phoenix Fashion Week 2016, Mercedes-Benz Tucson Fashion Week 2013);  Made in the USA by skilled sewing technicians; No minimum orders/quantities. We look forward to working with you!

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Meet Our Talented and Enthusiastic Team


Lead Sewing Technician

  Draping, sewing, pattern making, and sample making.  Anine loves hiking, music, and exploring downtown Tucson! 


Boutique Business Development

Arlet designed our award-winning holiday window!  She’s fresh from the land of Longhorns, loves learning about women’s clothing boutiques, scheduling trunk shows, and meeting happy clients!  She also loves mango with Tajín, music, and exploring Tucson!


Graphic Designer

Jaz is studying neuroscience, is a whiz with look books, and looking forward to a Spanish-language immersion prior to pursuit of her advanced degree!


Sewing Technician

Erin loves making clothes and everything fashion related. She is currently continuing her education at Pima Community College.


Techie, Marketing, Planning

Updates the website, keeps it all running smoothly.  Mike loves Tucson, NYC, and Barcelona, and enjoys tennis, hiking, cooking, and clicking on things with his mouse.

Local First AZ

Think Local. Be Local. Buy Local.

Laura Tanzer is a proud member of Local First Arizona.  We host a monthly sustainable living forum in partnership with Mrs. Green’s World, Local First AZ, and Green Living Magazine.

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