Annual Inventory Clearance

Shop Laura Tanzer’s atelier / designer studio / showroom today to save on these Discounted Items:

Short skirts – 70%
Long skirts – 30%
Gowns and Dresses – 50%
Tops and Pants – 30%
Totes – 50%
Jackets, Dusters and Vests – 30%
Pink Hanger items – 80%

Our garments are made right here in Arizona.
We use only natural fiber fabrics, and we insist on quality fabrics!
Our workmanship is exquisite!
Our styling is modern, with a focus on fit for YOUR BODY TYPE!

We’re located at 410 N. Toole Avenue Tucson AZ 85701

Laura Tanzer Annual Clearance Sale 410 N Toole Avenue Tucson AZ 85701

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