Artisan Showcase Thursday October 18: Marianne Bernsen and Lisa Scadron

Lisa Scadron

Encouraged by her parents and grandfather, a painter, Lisa Scadron began oil painting lessons at the age of eight and has been making art ever since. She has exhibited in the U.S. and internationally. Since 2008, she divides her time between Tucson, Arizona and Mumbai, India.

A native of Tucson, Lisa grew up immersed in Southern Arizona’s beautiful Sonoran Desert landscape. The influence of that desert’s color and vastness, combined with her early travels around the world, helped her understand that she innately visualizes her surroundings, natural or man-made, in terms of shapes, colors and compositions.

Multiple layers of textures and colors applied to the same surface come together in unexpected ways, forming a visually cohesive whole. Vivid colors combined with the glittering intensity of iridescent paint and metallic leaf allows Lisa to express her visceral connection to the landscape of the Southwest and to the scapes in her mind.

bernsenarts marianne bernsen at laura tanzer

Marianne Bernsen

Marianne Bernsen has been a full-time artist since 1990. She creates one-of-a-kind jewelry, canvas floor cloths, collage wall hangings and decorator pillows that incorporate collage pieces.

Born and raised in Chicago, Marianne spent her adult life in Minneapolis-St. Paul and is now based in Tucson. Art came into her life rather late but is clear that Marianne’s experience living abroad had a large influence on her work; the colors and textures of Southern Africa impressed her and making artwork was a way to bring that experience home.

She started her art career teaching living with her family in Zimbabwe after teaching high school history in NYC, Chicago, and Minneapolis. In addition to creating art, Marianne offers ‘floor cloth’ classes as another way to share and enjoy being an artist. Marianne says that teaching will always be part of her life.

Thursday October 18, 2018

4pm - 8pm

410 N. Toole Avenue Tucson AZ 85701  520-981-9891

Laura Tanzer has free parking in front.  Metered parking and hourly parking immediately to the West on Toole; valet parking at Maynard’s Market

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