Artisan Showcase: Sam Patania

We are so excited to host Sam Patania and Quiana Nwagbara at our Artisan Showcase on July 19, 2018!

Sam Patania, as the third generation of Patania artisans, has followed in the footsteps of his father and grandfather before him.  His design and craftsmanship is extraordinary!  We know you will enjoy the opportunity to meet Sam and see selected pieces from his collections!  In advance of the Artisan Showcase we posed three questions to Sam:

What do you love most about what you do?

I love designing, I love working with the metals and stones, I love making original pieces and pushing the art beyond my comfort. I love collaborating with other artists. I love having clients love what I make them, that is the biggest pay for me. I love making people happy with my art. I love it when someone appreciates my work.

What is the most outrageous project request you have had from a client? Full story please!

The most outrageous request I have had from a client was to duplicate a piece of my grandfather’s for his wife. I was at the same time honored to work for this man and challenged to make the piece itself which was a technical challenge. This project taught me so much about myself as an artist and about my grandfather as an artist. I would not take this project again because what I learned about myself is that the best use of my time is not to duplicate any one’s work but to concentrate on my own designs and ideas even if it is my family’s work.

It taught me about my grandfather because I had to think like he thought and work like he worked. It’s not an opportunity many artists get. I got to know my grandfather in a way I couldn’t otherwise do. He died when I was 3 so I never knew him. Through this project I got to know him.
The piece was finished, a flower spray necklace with over 130 pieces of turquoise, and the client and his wife loved it.

Do you like summer in Arizona? Why/why not?

I live like a lizard, running from shade to shade and from air conditioned space to air conditioned space. Tucson is my home, I was born here. I have traveled and lived in other countries but, Tucson is home. How could I so thoroughly enjoy winter with out having suffered summer? The rains are beautiful; the smell after a rain of creosote. Cloudy days are like a vacation. The roads are empty of traffic. It’s light outside late. Driving through thunderstorms or being woken early morning by thunder and rain is a treat. Watching the rivers flow. Mt Lemmon is 1 hour away and I can forget the heat so profoundly that I am surprised when I return to Tucson after an afternoon that it is hot in Tucson. I love Tucson, it’s my home.

Sam Patania at Laura Tanzer

We look forward to seeing you at the Artisan Showcase on July 19th!  Our other guest artisan will be Quiana Nwagbara from BLU Bags!

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