Best Local Clothing Designer in Tucson 2019

We’re proud to win the Tucson Weekly’s 2019 Best Of Tucson – Best Local Clothing Designer award!

❤️Thank you Tucson and everyone who voted! ❤️ Women’s clothing that fits your lifestyle!

“Laura Tanzer believes every woman is beautiful just the way she is. But she also invites women to think about the way in which they are beautiful – about individual proportions and measurements that make up their body geometry. She designs clothes that are meant to flatter body geometries of all sorts. She does it all with natural fibers too, without wasting fabric.  Anyone else feeling clothes-minded all of a sudden?”

Laura Tanzer is Tucson’s women’s clothing designer: independent, artistic, and sustainable.

Visit Laura Tanzer Atelier at 410 N. Toole Avenue Tucson, AZ 85701.  Call: 520-981-9891

best independent local fashion designer boutique in Tucson

Tucson Weekly, October 24 2019 (and also in 2017) ❤️

Laura Tanzer Travel & Show Schedule

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