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artfulcitystyle laura tanzer pink black dress convertible

“I didn’t realize this dress had two sides that can be worn back OR front… GOBSMACKED!!! Gorgeous design and the accessories are magnificent. Love the deep carving in the cuffs and this necklace! Totally impressed!!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏” -FridaInMyCloset Oct 2018

Love this dress! The color is sublime and the shape is design perfection. I have the most beautiful Laura Tanzer blouse in Italian linen. Love her work❤️❤️❤️❤️ -FridaInMyCloset Oct 2018

Check out ArtfulCityStyle’s Oct 2018 Instagram photo editorial. Plus, when Dayle wore Laura Tanzer to the Studio Atelier show in NYC.


“…my amazing custom-made palazzo pants purchased from Laura Tanzer. And to answer the question posed earlier in this post, are chic and sustainable mutually exclusive? Why, yes, we discovered today with designers like Laura Tanzer, that it is possible.” -Eugenia May 2017

Check out Eugenia’s May 2017 photo editorial! Not only does Eugenia look fabulous in her Laura Tanzer Palazzo pants, but she also includes some great graphics from her research on eco-fashion and sustainability. Also includes vintage photos of Coco Chanel and Ida Lupino wearing palazo pants! Brava Eugenia!  And August 2017 photo editorial!


These are the best fitting pants evah :-*
– Jamie, Instagram

Laura designs for the woman who knows what she wants and where she is going. The kind of woman who wears edgy-chic with confidence….
– Jamie, Instagram

Jamie finds amazing backdrops for her photo editorials!  Paris, amazing murals in the American south west, industrial areas….  Check them out:

October 2016 article and photos featuring the Laura Tanzer pant in Paris

April 2017 Showing No Restraint

April 2016 Pair-age Made In Heaven

petiteover40 wears laura tanzer

“…her studio is open to women who want to come “play.” They find pieces that express who they are from inside out. In the process, they get to know Laura personally and she them. They support and inspire her designs in the same way that the women of Paris support and inspire the designers there. It is a symbiotic relationship that can only be found in the Old World traditions of a community supporting the artists and business owners who are also neighbors and friends. This means better quality and better fit for the women purchasing Laura’s designs. It also ensures a truly sustainable community in terms of a richer local economy where jobs are created and fewer resources are wasted.”  – Petite Over 40

“Tanzer knows her customer so incredibly well that she can create a piece that goes just beyond the boundaries of fashion comfort. She can push the limits without exceeding them. It may seem too conservative for some. To me, it’s smart. Combine that intuition with a stellar attention to quality and craft and the brand scores very high in my book…” Read more at “The Zero Waste Fashion Designer: Inside the Passion of Laura Tanzer”

“…We are delighted about this interview with Laura. She is a role model on how you can create, design, and run a fashion business while economically empowering the community, sourcing and producing through fair trade practices, and reducing our carbon footprint. She is a proponent of “Made Right Here” and proudly operates her entire business and production in Tucson, Arizona….” Read more at The ‘Triple Threat’ of Sustainable Fashion | EDGE Talks to Laura Tanzer”EDGExpo

“Laura Tanzer, winner of Phoenix Fashion Week 2016’s Contemporary Designer of the Year, put on an impressive display of high quality, perfectly tailored clothing for the modern woman. After returning back to the Phoenix Fashion Week runway after 2015’s season, Laura strengthened her mission of being a sustainable fashion company that makes clothing to last…”  Couture In The Suburbs, October 2016

“Sophistication dominates your thoughts when you think of Laura Tanzer’s collection. It is designed with deliberation and for specific audiences in mind. Expect quality and consistency from this designer. There will never be a question as to what Laura Tanzer can deliver.” – Film & Fashion Futures, September 2015

“Laura Tanzer had by far the most cohesive show, which she tied together perfectly with the models’ jacket pass-off. Not only did this show the reversible jackets with two looks, it also added some entertainment value to the crowd. I know this took coordination when designing the collection, but I also must give a round of applause to the emerging models who executed the choreography perfectly.” – Couture In The Suburbs, August 2015

Laura’s designs were right in line with our philosophy, real women, real fashion” – Factual Fashion, July 2014

Laura Tanzer wowed the audience with her beautiful, classy and cohesive signature line. From the front row, I can almost feel the luxurious fabrics and comfortable fit of her designs, true to her vision of a modern sophisticated woman. Must buy!” – Chasing Sheila, June 2014

We really appreciated designer Laura Tanzer’s clean lines and complementary color groupings. She managed to take several different solid colors and create a line that not only has a distinct stamp, but that has a bit of an edgy classiness that is, without a doubt, both fun and practical.” – Couture In The Suburbs, October 2013

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