Exploring Creativity Together

Here is my first blog post for 2021. Yes, it has been a while.  This post shares what I've been up to, and my new venture where we can explore creativity together.  Read on!

I closed the Atelier to all walk-ins back in March 2020. I furloughed all of my contract sewing techs. It’s been just me. All year.

I proceeded to make 3-layer masks for a few months, using fun cottons from my inventory for the exterior, a filter in the middle, and soft cotton knit (from new T-shirts) on the inside. I used all of my inventory of ribbons for ties around the head (to avoid the pressure of elastic). I asked for volunteers to help with a few things, like cutting and sewing and taking phone orders. We built a little ‘mask-making‘ community. It was fun and fierce!

Once I used up all of those materials I stopped making masks.
I stopped everything. You know how that ennui can just creep up and take over? Well. It did.

And then, the summer came in hot and made us weary, as the pandemic hovered around all of us. But I began teaching a few students (one-on-one) sewing, and pattern making, and a few other skills. We wore our masks. Of course. This helped take me out of that feeling of uselessness. A bit. Somewhat.

I began to think that I could create workshops and tutorials for online learning. And I also started to think about what supplies people might need, and began thinking about how someone could learn some basics with or without a sewing machine. All they would need are a few simple supplies and tools. And clear instructions. Maybe a little instructional video or two.

I was thinking of these things because by the end of summer it was very very clear the pandemic would be around for a while. It was very clear people would not need the beautiful clothing I make for at least another year or so. What is an artisan to do? Be helpful. Contribute to community with skills I own. Teach skills to people so that they can make their own, fix their own, re-use their own. Let’s be stewards of our selves, our stuff, our community.

It is within that context that I am pleased to announce a new venture - a way for us to stay connected, and explore our creativity together.

I call it Learn.Craft.Sew. - featuring fashion-forward cool crafts, sewing projects, and online workshop and tutorial experiences. I’m just getting started, and I have a few ideas in the works, including:

  • Fun and affordable craft and sewing kits
  • Zoom wear for online meetings, cocktail hours, and get-togethers
  • Online workshops and private classes
  • Fun and creative hand sewing projects
  • A ‘Maker’s Club’ with different kits each month to serve your creative aspirations
I hope you can join me: I would love to support your efforts to cultivate your inner artisan.

Thank you again for all your love and support. I look forward to seeing you at Learn.Craft.Sew.