The Best Way To Organize Your Threads

As a designer of women's clothing, I have a lot of thread in my studio/atelier. It's not efficient to keep thread in a box - too difficult to locate that perfect color.

What is the best way to organize your threads?

I find the best way is to place the thread spools on pegs for easy access and color comparison. Here is a peek behind-the-scenes at my atelier to watch me organize some of my favorite thread spools.

This pegboard for my threads was long overdue. For too long my most-commonly used threads were packed in one of two different boxes. My sewing technicians sometimes put threads back in the wrong box. I needed a way to see the color options more easily.

Make the pegboard thread holder

So Mike and I went to Home Depot and got a pegboard and a bunch of 1/4 inch wood dowels. I cut the dowels to a 3 inch length, which acommodates the small and medium size spools. The large spools for the serger are in a separate location. We glued the pegs into the pegboard with two empty holes in each direction. You could put the pegs one hole closer than I did, but I find it easier to see and get access to the thread this way.


I keep all of my neutrals together. Blacks, whites, tans, silvers.


A gorgeous sea of blues, greens, golds, yellows, reds, and more.

How To Sew

Are you learning to sew? Looking for some tips? I created a set of how to sew videos for YouTube. The two most popular videos are "How to apply seam tape" and "How to apply facing".


"...The art is the stuff I invent. The craft is interesting because it is the process, the engineering if you will, and all of the factors that help me take an idea to completion...".

pegboard thread spool organizer