California Dreamin’

Lately we are California dreamin’

All the leaves are green (all the leaves are green)
And the sky is blue (and the sky is blue)
I’ve been for a walk (I’ve been for a walk)
On an August day (on an August day)…

No, those are not the original California Dreamin‘ lyrics by the Mamas and the Papas.  This captures what it was like on our recent visit to San Francisco for the American Craft Council show.

Up up and away

Early morning flight out of Tucson. Taking off and ascending up through some early morning turbulence and finally up into and above the magnificent clouds.

up up and away

Checked into our hotel. Walked along the Aquatic Cove and over to the Festival Pavilion pier, our new home for a day of setup and three days of artisan showcases. Perfect blue skies, strong breeze from the west.  Setup our racks and banners and headed out to find some dinner.

california dreamin

Final setup day: got the suitcases of clothing and Ubered over to the Fort Mason and the Festival Pavilion.  Organized all of the clothing for display.

Fastest way to remove wrinkles: pack properly

When you pack properly, you only have a few wrinkles in your clothing. Yay! Laura demonstrates how easy it is to quickly remove wrinkles with her travel steamer.

Show Highlights

While Laura worked her booth, Mike had some time to explore and appreciate the work by so many talented artists!  There were many jewelers, slightly fewer designers of women’s clothing, followed by ceramic artists, metals, and more. Mike is not a certified critic but he especially enjoyed the work of three paper artisans: Zai Divecha, Doug Roy (above), David Friedman.

Sunday Farmer’s Market

Luscious, plump vegetables and fruits, lots of people, happy dogs, live music, and more at the Sunday morning farmer’s market in front of Goody Cafe at Ft. Mason.

Ready for Winter

My wool coat is brown (my espresso brown felted wool coat for fall/winter)
And the lining is silver and red (and the lining’s silver and red Italian silk)
I’ve been on the catwalk (I’m standing in the aisle in front of my booth)
On an August day (on an August day)…

wool coat

Next California Trip: Marin Arts & Crafts Show

November is going to be busy for the Laura Tanzer team!  First we’ll be at the Art Providence show in Rhode Island, November 5-8.  Super excited!  Then cross-country flight to California for more California Dreamin’ at the Marin Arts & Crafts Show, November 15-17.  You know where I’ll be…catch me if you can!

fishermans wharf tours


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