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  • FIT Alumnus is a Sustainable Designer in Tucson

    (Article by Mike) FIT Alumnus is a Sustainable Designer in Tucson Laura Tanzer is an alumnus of Fashion Institute of Technology, better known in the industry as FIT.  While I was working at a non-profit student exchange organization in Forest Hills, Laura was at Parsons School of Art & Design and FIT, honing her illustration, […]

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  • three ways to wear a convertible dress Three ways to wear a convertible dress

    Michelle Micalizzi and Laura Tanzer discuss three ways to wear a convertible dress I loved speaking with Michelle Micalizzi of Relentless Talk Radio! One never knows where these conversations will go, and this was so enjoyable. I’m usually a bit shy. Thank you for making me feel comfortable on camera! Relentless Talk Radio invites people […]

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  • Sustainability 101

    “Go Green!” How many times have you heard this or seen it as part of a new business advertisement? In Sustainability 101, I talk about the core of being sustainable. Some believe the phrase “Go Green!”, and “sustainability” to mean the same thing. I’m here to tell you sustainability is much more than a marketing campaign! […]

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  • Body Geometry – The Rectangle

    What To Wear For Your Body Geometry In today's video blog, I'm going to talk about Body Geometry.  Body Geometry is my pattern system for all of the different body types.  I create styles to work with the different body types. The Rectangle The rectangle is one of the six basic body types in my [...] Continue Reading
  • local artists who inspire us laura tanzer Voyage Phoenix interview: Meet Laura Tanzer

    Local Artists Who Inspire Us In November 2018 VoyagePhoenix interviewed Laura Tanzer for #AZCreatives Local Artists Who Inspire Us.  Here’s an excerpt: Laura Tanzer – what should we know? What do you do best? What sets you apart from the competition? “I design and engineer modern clothing in a sustainable way, right here in Arizona. […]

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  • fashion takes a holiday Fashion Takes a Holiday

    From the Laura Tanzer newsletter: Fashion Takes a Holiday News You Can Use: November 2018 This section is devoted to interesting news in and around fashion. This month I focus on Fashion for the Holidays. There are many websites with holiday fashion styling, ideas, & advice. Our favorites include: WHOWHATWEAR VOGUE INSTYLE For the Truly […]

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  • Local designers inspire eco-conscious trends

    In the September issue, Green Living AZ Magazine’s Laura Madden interviews three local designers about the fight against fast fashion, their inspiration, and eco-conscious trends. Laura Tanzer talks about “conscious consumption“. Marisa Mike advocates growing and raising your own food as much you can. Ruby Farias talks about reducing unnecessary waste at home. Finding Your One […]

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  • limited-edition fashion by Laura Tanzer future of fashion Why Made-To-Order and Limited-Edition Production are the Future of Fashion

    Why Made-To-Order and Limited-Edition Production are the Future of Fashion September 13, 2018 As consumers head online and into stores to shop Fall 2018 clothing, boutique buyers are in New York City shopping and placing orders for Spring 2019. Laura Tanzer is in New York City this week, showing her limited-edition Spring 2019 collection at […]

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  • What is a Triple Bottom Line?

    It’s A Simple Bottom Line, Tripled Environment, society, and economy are equally important, yet there is a hierarchy of importance. This triple bottom line hierarchy can be expressed in a diagram. The Triple Bottom Line Components: Ecosystems Simply put, the ecosystem provides the context in which we develop our social and economic systems. It is […]

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  • Greenwashing 4 Ways to Spot Greenwashing

    My thoughts today touch on the topics of sustainable reporting, public relations, and greenwashing within business organizations. What is greenwashing? It is whitewashing, with a ‘green’ twist. In other words, it is a coordinated effort on the part of members of an organization (formal or informal), to hide, obfuscate, or alter facts that are deemed unpleasant […]

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