Clothing Inspired By Euclidean Geometry

This is part of my Fall 2018 women’s clothing collection, which is inspired by Euclidean Geometry. In other words, circles, squares, triangles and rectangles.

This top is made from two circles. I use delicious fabrics. I also print my art on fabric, using a digital printing process. Come see me at EDGE Designers NYC to see this in person and to learn more about my vision, my work, and my art. February 23-26 at the Stewart Hotel on 7th avenue and 31st street. #emergingdesigner #edgedesignersnyc #lauratanzer #Fashionweek #NYC #marketweek #cottontop #digitalprint #geometry

Come see me in New York City, Chicago, or Tucson!

Laura Tanzer’s Calendar of Events Jan/Feb/March/April 2018

Shop “Architecture Dreams“, Laura Tanzer’s Spring 2018 Collection

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