Fashion Revolution: Sustainable Clothing Made Right Here

Sophistication, Sustainability, Fit, Quality: these are the words that describe Laura Tanzer’s approach to designing clothing for women. Laura Tanzer is featured as part of the Fashion Revolution and Sustainability video series highlighting clothing made right here in Tucson, AZ to discuss sustainability as well as “Who made your clothes?”

Sophisticated styling

Laura creates sculpted jackets, dresses, gowns and vests. Skirts and pants are engineered to conform to the contours of the body without restricting movement or comfort. Laura uses modern lines, coordinating unique mixes of textures, hues, and details that result in very chic garments.

Sustainably sourced materials and garment production

When we cut for production we think about where our waste stream is going to go. So we keep all of our scraps.  Some of our scraps from cutting are big enough to send to a maker who can make tote bags and clutches and iPad covers, and they send them back to us, and we sell those along with our clothing.  Some of the scraps are just too small to use for anything we but we still don’t want to add to the landfill, so we bring them to schools to use for art projects and to organizations like the Girl Scouts for summer camp projects.

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Bespoke garments are made-to-order, yielding a perfect fit

Bespoke garments are made-to-measure and made-to-order for the ladies who shop the Laura Tanzer brand, whether it be at our atelier, online, or through a boutique that orders the garments directly. There are particular sets of measurements to take in order to fit a jacket, or a pant, or a gown, perfectly to each person. We will cover the details in a future blog post, with a pictograph showing where each measurement should be taken.

Attention to detail, highest quality materials and impeccable craftsmanship produce a garment you will be proud to wear, reflecting your personal style.


People are interested in quality.  Quality by its very nature can be a very sustainable thing.  If you are doing something in a quality way you know you are making it to last a really long time – it’s not going to be thrown away.  That’s really important!

Made Right Here

Visit our design studio, our atelier, in downtown Tucson!  We’re in the historic train depot – a unique space that itself speaks to longevity, quality, sustainability and a certain style!  Most of our designs are available “off the rack” or as Bespoke, Made Right Here in Tucson (either at the atelier or in our facility down the road).

We use a digital printing process for our prints on silk, cotton and linen. Digital printing is the way of the future.  It is going to absolutely supersede traditional screen printing techniques because it is very very sustainable.  The process uses very little water and very little energy. In addition, the number of colors that can be printed is infinite!

Meaning of Sustainability at Laura Tanzer, and Magazine Interviews

More about What Sustainability Means To Laura Tanzer

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Sustainability Series

Laura Tanzer hosts a monthly “Sustainability Series” meet-up, at the atelier. Our co-hosts are Green Living Magazine, Local First Arizona, and Mrs. Green’s World. Snacks and refreshments are provided by Borderlands Brewing and others. Upcoming dates and topics are as follows:

May 25 – Waste

June 29 – Toxics

Please RSVP by calling 520-981-9891.

About a dozen people attended our first event in January. Since then we’ve grown nicely to about 40 attendees each month!

Waste Seminar Laura TanzerToxins Seminar Laura Tanzer


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