FIT Alumnus is a Sustainable Designer in Tucson

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FIT Alumnus is a Sustainable Designer in Tucson

Laura Tanzer is an alumnus of Fashion Institute of Technology, better known in the industry as FIT.  While I was working at a non-profit student exchange organization in Forest Hills, Laura was at Parsons School of Art & Design and FIT, honing her illustration, design, and merchandising skills.  And when I went to work with database and financial information service companies in New York City’s Financial District, Laura was at New York University, completing her MBA at the Stern School.  We met through a mutual friend (that is another story).  Laura pursued a PhD at the University of Arizona, taught in the School of Renewable Natural Resources, and launched her own sustainable women’s clothing business in Tucson Arizona.

Hue is the alumni magazine of FIT, published three times a year. The Hue Summer/Fall 2019 issue highlights several sustainable FIT alumni, including Laura Tanzer. Hue’s Jonathan Vatner explains in the brief alumnus bio, “…Every aspect of her business, from her energy efficient studio to the natural fibers she sources from dead stock when possible, takes health and the environment into consideration…“.

In addition to use of natural fibers, deadstock, and sustainable energy and production methods, Laura strives to have zero waste in garment production. Larger scraps from garment production are lovingly cherished, repurposed, artistically draped, formed, fitted, and sewn into wearable art.  Laura calls the garment a “frammento“, and in plural, “frammenti“. Each is one-of-a-kind.  They are wearable art, they are fun, they are sustainably produced, they make a wonderful statement!


For example, the pictures below show a top made from a soft pink linen, and a frammento from leftover remnant fabric.

Laura Tanzer wholesale


Hue’s Cover Art

Perhaps my favorite part of this particular issue is the cover art. I myself thought it was something done in Photoshop, or perhaps a digital print on fabric.  Laura recognized right away the cover is embroidered, and she was right (of course)!  Check out the cover image below.  It’s a wonderful picture of a proud, thrilled, happy FIT grad Anna Forde, likely wearing her blue commencement robe.  I love her Instagram picture!  Hue’s inside-cover article explains Brother International Corporation recently donated 25 machines to FIT.  Among them is an embroidery machine that took five hours to stitch this magical cover art. Bravo!



The Spring/Summer 2019 issue of Hue features several interesting articles about recent graduates and more tenured alumni.  Feast your eyes on some of Zaldy Goco‘s creations for Ru Paul on page 26!


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