Frammento: Italian for remnant.

In the context of this sustainable clothing engineer, remnants are
artistically draped,
formed, fitted, and sewn
into wearable art
in Tucson Arizona
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Frammento tunic in black, grey, OBX print

Cotton, linen, digital print. Machine wash, line dry.

Style F047 $344

black grey digital print frammento by Laura Tanzer
black grey tunic frammento

Red and black silk duster

Silk crepe. Dry Clean.

Style F035 $350

Azlin wearing Laura Tanzer red silk duster
silk duster in red and black by Laura Tanzer

French jacquard stripe tunic

Jacquard stripe. Machine wash, line dry.

Style F054 $325

French stripe jacquard tunic frammento by Laura Tanzer
Azlin wearing French stripe jacquard tunic frammento by Laura Tanzer

Stone linen frammeto jacket

Stone linen. Machine wash, line dry.

Style F052 $281 SOLD

wearable art linen jacket by Laura Tanzer
fun jacket to wear

Fun vest in fuschia & navy silk

Silk dupioni. Dry clean.

Style F031 $341 SOLD

silk fuschia and navy frammento vest

Black and red frammento duster

Red, black knits. Machine wash, line dry.

F027  $350 SOLD

black frammento duster with red trim, by Laura Tanzer

Black cotton, OBX digital print frammento vest

Cotton, digital print. Machine wash, line dry.

Style F045  $297 SOLD

black cotton digital print frammento vest

Rad vest in red silk crepe

Silk crepe, chiffon, black ribbon. Dry clean.

Style F036 $331 SOLD

rad red silk vest

A frammento is a garment I create from remnants. Each is one of a kind, the style dictated by the remnant shapes and texture.

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