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Meet Laura Tanzer

Award winning designer Laura Tanzer’s aesthetic was born of an artist’s eye and an engineer’s focus on solving for x.

"My work is an ongoing experimentation that begins with sourcing natural fiber, sustainably sourced textiles. Then I create very cool one of a kind & limited edition clothing – draped, cut & sewn with particular attention to detail. My designs enlist the natural drape of the fabric to define and enhance the body."

Dedication to craftsmanship

I believe in uniting meticulous craftsmanship with natural/breathable materials in superb textures and colors. Placing style on equal footing with comfort empowers me to create clothing that moves with your body while also looking and feeling great.

I believe every woman wants to look her best, and that her best expresses who she is.


I honed my fashion illustration skills at Parsons School of Design and technical skills at Fashion Institute of Technology, graduating with honors. I worked on Seventh Avenue in the fashion industry for several years before deciding to attend business school. While at New York University, I minored in environmental management. I founded two student organizations; I was the founder of the Environment Council of Stern (ECOS), and co-founder of Entrepreneurs Exchange. I graduated from NYU’s Stern School of Business with a bachelor’s degree in international marketing and an MBA in international finance.

To better understand the fundamentals of sustainable practice, I pursued a PhD focused on sustainable business practice at the University of Arizona’s School of Natural Resources. (Dissertation completed, but not defended.) That knowledge was the final input for creating a sustainable women’s clothing design business.

It makes me so happy to combine my business, teaching, and fashion skills in my own business! I am fortunate to be able to reflect my love for fashion while also applying the sustainable practice concepts that I continue to teach in online workshops, in-studio workshops, at Pima Community College, and at the Norton School of Family & Consumer Sciences at the University of Arizona.

I’ve been creating sustainable clothing since 2013.


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