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Dear Laura,
The package arrived today and I ran to try them on. The skirts are gorgeous and roomy enough in the waist for a tucked in cashmere sweater!
The blouse is exquisite…. and you may quote me. I am so happy I found you and will keep watching your website. You are immensely talented and I hope your business prospers!! Really grateful and telling everyone,  Lisa”
September 2020

“…I was introduced to Laura’s atelier by a good friend. Beautiful clothes have always been a source of great joy and pleasure in my family in Europe (where it was not uncommon to make your own) , so it was not difficult to be attracted to the little atelier in down-town Tucson.

Laura’s work is so much more than design and sewing. Her concept of creating and using only environmental sustainable materials and her ideas of sometimes incorporating her own photographic art into her materials were a whole new world to me and made her clothes much more personal to ware. Not a year goes by when I’m in Tucson without my visiting Laura and inevitable falling in love with several of her creations (and buying at least one of them!!). They have been admired whenever and wherever (in the US and in Europe ) I have worn them and been a source of curiosity.” – B., in New Jersey January 2020

Laura Tanzer Atelier puts Tucson on the map with a fashion clothing boutique. The store is unique, I love her silk blouses and tops and treasure a scarf I bought with such an interesting story about her printing on silk. Stop in, you will be glad you made this discovery.” Ingeborg on Google, January 2020

…I received it yesterday, and I am in SHOCK, Helen.  It is the MOST stunning, chic, well made, creative and timeless coat I have ever seen, much less owned.  It is worth every penny and I just want to wear it around the house and fondle it… while admiring myself in a mirror!  I honestly don’t think any photo can do this piece justice.  I am SO THRILLED to have it and will show it off tomorrow when I go out to lunch with my fashionista girlfriend.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE this coat!!!” – Helen’s customer  November 2019


The first time I saw Laura Tanzer’s unique and beautifully made designs was as part of an artist studio tour in Tucson.  One look and I knew I would not finish the tour.  I bought the first dress I tried on and years later am still wearing it to continual compliments.  Since then I have attended open houses at her Atelier and in other’s homes along with a fashion show.  Everything Laura takes on she does creatively and professionally.  Her designs are unique, thoughtful and perfectly made. She finds exquisite fabrics and turns them into wearable art with wearable being the important feature for me.  I can’t recommend a visit to her studio highly enough!”  Nancy, 5 stars on Yelp January 2020


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Laura always has beautiful designs in her store. I always can find something and if it’s not in my size, she alters for me. She has made many pieces for me and I love them all!” – Marana, 5 of 5 bubbles on Trip Advisor in January 2020

Flattering, unique, and well-made, I wear my pieces from Laura Tanzer Designs over and over.” – Sherry on our Facebook

Thoroughly enjoyed my time at this shop! It’s a beautiful store with plenty of natural light. Her designs are really interesting, fabrics are gorgeous (and some are custom!), and the styling is appropriate and flattering. I felt like I’d look good in anything that she makes. I purchased this gorgeous silk top and will be having her make me a pair of black wide leg pants that look so amazing – I can’t wait to own a pair! She believes that clothes can be comfortable, stylish, and sustainable. Love everything about that philosophy! Prices are a large range – depends on the fabric, the design, and the amount of tailoring. but she’ll talk with you and find out what your budget is and will let you know what can work. Definitely stop in!” – Kelly on Yelp

“I‘ve purchased a gorgeous black wool with white linen dress from Laura Tanzer Designs. I love the energy, fabric and design of the dress. Working with Laura is delightful. Quality work, designer originals, what’s more to want!!” – Clarisse on our Facebook

… my amazing custom-made palazzo pants purchased from Laura Tanzer. And to answer the question posed earlier in this post, are chic and sustainable mutually exclusive? Why, yes, we discovered today with designers like Laura Tanzer, that it is possible.” – Eugenia, May 2017

Custom pieces made for all occasions…Laura has a great selection of clothing with amazing Fabrics. I purchased 3 pieces and love them all. I have received many compliments on my wool sweater already.” – diwrom, 5 of 5 bubbles on Trip Advisor January 2018

Enchanting CoutureI had a truly unique experience which will highlight just how lovely this boutique, the sales staff and Laura, herself are! I had seen the ad in a Tucson magazine and then spoke with our innkeepers so knew that this was EXACTLY my kind of shop… SO, if you want some truly unique designs and exemplary service this is the place for you!” – Lili, 5 of 5 bubbles on Trip Advisor February 2017

Everyone loved my outfit last night. I shared who the fabulous local designer is – THANK YOU for reaching out exactly when you did so that I could have something wonderful to wear. And for being patient through the fittings.” – Michelle

Beautiful designs well thought out pieces! I recently stopped in search of a beautifully crafted fashionable piece for a family member’s birthday. I was graciously greeted by the designer Laura, and she welcomed me in the store and showed me various pieces that would make ideal gifts. One beautiful piece in particular caught my eye… a richly colored teal paisley silk scarf that was perfect. The design has a regal classiness that I have not been able to find in the shops in the Tucson area. I was delighted to hear that the items are made in Tucson as well. It is always nice to support the local economy. Laura even showed me the design studio so I could see pieces being made. How cool! Highly recommend visiting is you need a special pice that is a show stopper!” – Anastasia, 5 of 5 bubbles on Trip Advisor March 2018

Customer Service, Environment, Quality, Unique styles and you won’t see hundreds of other people wearing the same thing. Anyone that likes unique, stylish fashion should definitely check out this gem of a place in Tucson.” – Bella (via Square)

2/23/17, 4:45 pm Customer Service, Environment, Other, Quality, Selection, Wait Time “Your beautiful designs!!”

3/9/17, 11:10 pm Customer Service, Environment, Other, Quality, Selection, Wait Time “Detailed and customized! Made to fit me… in the skin I’m in. Love it all!

– (Two reviewers on Square)

The red top is divine. Love it! I had it styled with my E.F. harem pants and obi belts seconds after it came out of the box. The fabric is gorgeous and the red….incredible. I will definitely packing this top for my European Grand tour and cruise.” – Lisa

These are the best fitting pants evah :-* – Jamie

The top is amazing – perfect in every way!! THANKS” – Nancy

I did get it and just in time for my family’s Easter celebration! I love it and am finding it’s a very versatile piece! Thanks!” – Stacee