Made To Fit

Made to Fit

made to fit
I believe clothing can be much better – our clothing can be timelessly chic as well as easier to take care of and more comfortable. With my artist’s eye for the interplay of positive/negative space and my engineer’s focus on form and function, I design clothing based on Body Geometry. 

My Body Geometry system utilizes basic geometric shapes, and specific algorithms, to create styles that will fit and enhance the beauty of all body types.
It allows me to style for a wide variety of sizes. I change necklines, sleeves, hems and details to portray each Body Geometric in its best light.

I believe every woman is beautiful as she is.

Think about your own shape – are you a triangle, an upside down triangle, a circle, a square, an hourglass, or a rectangle?
Do you have a short or a long waist?
Are your legs long or short?

Our individual proportions – length, width and curve of neck, arms, legs and torso – make up our individual Body Geometry.

That individual proportion dictates whether or not you can wear a V neck or skinny jeans or a poufy evening dress.

It transcends fashion and speaks to individual style.

I want to know about your arms and neck and waistline. I want to dress you so that your clothes fit perfectly and you look and feel fabulous, whether you are at work, at play or at rest.


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