Sustainability has substance

It is simplicity itself: essentially it means do no harm and use only what you need.

Made Right Here


Sustainable women's clothing designer

Laura Tanzer’s sustainable clothing is produced with pride in Arizona because she is passionate about supporting her local economy. Laura’s design and sample rooms are in Tucson, which is full of light (of which we have abundance in Arizona).  Workers are paid fair wages, and less skilled workers are paired with more experienced workers in order to facilitate training.

Laura’s focus on sustainability encompasses workplace, product, sourcing, and production facilities. Laura aims for zero waste across the spectrum of product sourcing, development, and production. 


Laura’s focus on reaching zero waste from sourcing through development and production inspires ideas for redeployment of fabric and trim remnants.

“I am currently working on a series of playful Frammento jackets, tunics and vests. A Frammento is a garment I create from post-production textile remnants. I finish the edges of each remnant and I sculpt; the textiles guide me to create a functional wearable art piece. These are sculptures for the body, made to be worn and styled as befits the wearer, from formal to casual. By virtue of their status as Frammenti they are one-of-a-kind.

Frammento is Italian for remnant. Frammenti is the plural. It sounds much sexier to call these wearable art pieces Frammenti, than to call them remnants!”

Laura’s favorite community redeployment idea is her remnants-to-art idea: she donates remnants to local schools for use in their art classes.
Laura feels warm and fuzzy about that and the art teachers are thrilled to be able to use this unusual medium in their classes.

Sustainability at Laura Tanzer:

I focus on easy-to-wear styling, superb craftsmanship, and making products with longevity and durability in mind. You, my customer, are who I design for. I want you to love your clothes so much that you will want to always wear them, and know that they will not wear out!
I make items by hand in small batches with skilled workers right here in Tucson, Arizona, U.S.A.
I eschew “fast fashion”, thereby reducing the environmental impact of wear-once-and-discard economics.
I use high-quality, well-constructed textiles that will last a long time.  I source quality deadstock and vintage textiles that otherwise would have been disposed of in landfill or incinerator.  Additionally, my textile sources avoid the use of harmful chemicals, thereby protecting the wearer, the workers, and the planet.
I choose high-quality renewable natural fibers (like cotton, linen, hemp, wool and silk) over oil-based synthetics (like polyester) because they are more compatible with our bodies as well as our planet: nature to nature.
I source from countries with laws requiring fair pay for workers.  I pay my workers fairly.  This, in turn, contributes to peace of mind for the consumer as well as a higher priced finished garment.
My original art prints are made using digital printing, which uses very little energy, almost no water, and yet produces infinitely rich color.
I utilize remnants from our production to produce additional products.  Nothing goes to waste!  Remnants are repurposed and upcycled and to produce our one of a kind “frammento” garments, as well as totes and handbags.  The smallest scraps are donated to schools and to organizations such as the Girl Scouts for art programs.

I acknowledge social, economic, AND environmental dimensions as equal elements in human civic progress.