Hi Waist Flare Leg Pant


The Laura Tanzer Hi Waist Flare Leg Pant uses exquisite French cotton fabric that fits perfectly at the waist, gently rising 2″ above the waistline in front, and gracefully tapering to 1.5″ at the back waist.  The pant form-fits curves at hip and thigh, flaring from the inner curve at the knee to a beautiful full bell shape at the hem. This pant is exquisitely feminine, comfortable, and modern.

Comfortable.  98% Cotton, 2% Elasticine.

Quality. Finished seams throughout.

Sustainable.  Designed & Made in U.S.A.  Most sizes in stock – otherwise made to order.

Ask for it by name: #theperfectfit #thelauratanzerpant



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Product shots include Style photo from Tucson Lifestyle Magazine, and photo courtesy of Jamie at More Than Turquoise

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