Showing at New York Market Week

It seems more and more of the big fashion houses are opting to skip New York Fashion Week. Instead, they are showing their new collections on their own timeframe, more to suit the buyers market and the end consumers, or their design cycles, and to innovate their business models.

Laura Tanzer loves meeting buyers at New York Market Week, which commonly falls just before or just after Fashion Week. For February 2018, we’ll be showing our collection at Edge Designers NYC, February 23 – 26, 2018. This fashion trade show will be at the Stewart Hotel, 371 Seventh Ave., New York City, NY 10001-3984 (Seventh Avenue and 31st Street).

We have designed and printed some exciting promotional materials to hand out at this fashion trade show, and you will be able to pick up a copy of a specially designed brochure featuring a handpicked selection of our favorite pieces this season! There will also be posters and flyers featuring details about exclusive discounts and sales.

We look forward to meeting you in NY!

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