Spring Has Sprung!

Art is an expression of the soul. Wearable art is one’s personal expression of self image, how one would like to be perceived by others.

Body Geometry

Body Geometry is my system for designing and engineering clothing to fit the different body types:
Circle, Square, Rectangle, Triangle, Inverted Triangle, and Hourglass.

Let’s Talk Triangle

If the shape of your upper body is much smaller than your hips, you are a triangle. You may have a small waist or medium waist. Your shoulders are narrow, and your hips are wide. It takes a bit of camouflage to dress in a way that balances out those proportions. Clothes that subtly emphasize the shoulders will give a more defined, balanced shape, pleasing to the beholder. Gently asymmetric vertical lines will enhance the figure. Avoid boxy garments.
If you are unsure about your Body Geometry,
make an appointment to see me!


Pleated Asymmetric Jacket

Our Linen/Cotton blend Pleat Front Jacket pairs nicely with our Organic Cotton/Hemp Midi Skirt and cotton sleeveless top. This outfit enhances triangle, square, and rectangle Body Geometries.

Ribbon Bateau Top & Circles Skirt

Our Bateau Top with Ribbon enhances the shoulder creating a pleasing silhouette when paired with the soft drape of our circles skirt. The top is cotton, and skirt is a linen/cotton blend. This outfit is particularly good for a triangle Body Geometry.

“Ninja” Jacket in Black Linen

Our “Ninja” jacket is very chic! It is made of black linen, the abstract shaping of the over pieces create an illusion of powerful action. The artistic shoulder line enhances a triangle Body Geometry. This jacket will also enhance square, rectangle, and hourglass Body Geometries.

Spring Has Sprung!

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Innovative Clothes to Inspire Stylish Women

Fabulous Fashionistas – Women to Admire

This Month I admire Eugenia Hargrove
The Age of Grace

Eugenia is a lifestyle blogger with a very elegant sense of style. She can pull off a rad jacket with python boots, or an off the shoulder top and palazzo pants with equal style and panache.

Her philosophy on life? “Be the reason someone smiles. Be the reason someone feels loved and believes in the goodness in people” (by Roy T. Bennett )

Her style philosophy? “I like the challenge of incorporating any new purchases with items I already own in my closet.”

A few style tips from Eugenia:

  • Dress for what works for you and not what everyone else is wearing.
  • I also adopted the following universal themes:
    • Pointy toe shoe elongates the leg
    • Dressing in one color lengthens you
    • V-neck looks great on everyone
    • Don’t be matchy matchy
    • If wearing one dramatic piece or print, let that be the statement
    • Skirt length right at the knee is flattering for everyone unless it’s a maxi dress or skirt.

Learn more about Eugenia on her BLOG.

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