Sustainability 101

“Go Green!” How many times have you heard this or seen it as part of a new business advertisement? In Sustainability 101, I talk about the core of being sustainable.

Some believe the phrase “Go Green!”, and “sustainability” to mean the same thing. I’m here to tell you sustainability is much more than a marketing campaign! To view the breakdown of green and sustainable differences, click here.

Sustainability evokes simplicity and efficiency.
An easy motto to remember is Use Only What You Need.

Sustainability 101

Sustainability is made up of three core elements – environment, society, economy.

Our environment is where we live. It is the resource base that sustains us, providing food, shelter, and natural resources from which we make pretty much everything we need. And even some things we don’t really need.

Our social system is a product of our physical and interpersonal needs, and our geography, climate, and the mix of resources locally available to us.

Our economic system is a product of our social system, including politics, values, rules, and behaviors.

If we are to approach sustainable practices with a view to sustaining ourselves through our social and economic systems we must first address our ecosystems. We must question the assumption that the ecosystem will always be available and abundant. While this assumption may have been valid when humans were just another species vying for survival, we must challenge its validity now that we have populated the planet in vast numbers, plundered many resources, and have tossed our waste without a thought to the impact it has on our home.

Sustainability 101 POP QUIZ!

Ask yourself these questions to better understand YOUR personal impact:

• Am I taking too much of a resource and threatening its existence?
• Am I taking a resource too quickly, jeopardizing its ability to renew itself? (ex. plants/animals)
• Am I emitting toxic materials into our ecosystem at a rate or in a quantity that will destroy the system?

Answering these questions can help you to become aware of your habits and can pose new lifestyle opportunities in your everyday life.

Apply these questions to the topic of fashion. Are you aware of the pollution in the fashion industry and your personal impact when consuming fast fashion as compared to slow fashion?

Sustainable Fashion at Laura Tanzer

As a sustainable fashion company, at Laura Tanzer, we are continuously working on our ‘green’ footprint.

One of our most popular collections is the Frammento Collection. The garments are each made from fragments (Frammenti), left over from production cuttings.

Each is unique.

Each is fabulous.

AND, each keeps that quantity of fabric out of landfill!

We cannot keep them in stock! Here is an example:

Sustainability 101 Laura Tanzer Silk Frammento

Sustainable Fashion: Silk Frammento by Laura Tanzer


Learn more about sustainability:  see what we make with remnants.

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