Sustainability has substance.

It is simplicity itself: essentially it means do no harm and use only what you need.

 Made Right Here


Our clothing is produced with pride in Arizona, our company headquarters, because we are passionate about supporting local manufacturing. Our design and sample rooms are in Tucson. Our production facility is in Tempe. Both facilities are full of light (of which we have abundance in Arizona), workers are paid fair wages, and our production teams couple less skilled workers with more experienced workers in order to facilitate training.

We believe in cultivating multicultural talent where we live. Our in house design and marketing teams come from around the world, representing cultures as diverse as Norway, Japan, Mexico, and Korea. Our focus on sustainability encompasses workplace, product, sourcing, and production facilities. We aim for zero waste across the spectrum of product development and production.

Our focus on reaching zero waste empowers all workers to brainstorm ideas for redeployment of fabric and trim scraps.

Our most enduring redeployment is our scraps-to-art idea: we donate scraps to local schools for use in their art classes.

We feel warm and fuzzy about that and the art teachers are thrilled to be able to use this unusual medium in their classes.

Sustainability at Laura Tanzer:

  • We focus on craftsmanship and making products for the long haul. We use high-quality, well-constructed textiles that will last a long time.
  • Our original art prints are made using digital printing, which uses very little energy, almost no water, and yet produces infinitely rich color.
  • We choose renewable natural fibers (like cotton, linen and silk) over oil-based synthetics (like polyester) because they are more compatible with our bodies: nature to nature.