Three Ways to Dress for a Fundraiser Event

OMG! How should I dress for my upcoming fundraiser??!! If you are anything like me, you have this ‘fashion angst’ a few times during fundraising event season.

And now you are thinking, “She designs and makes clothes, she doesn’t have a problem!”. Have you ever heard that old phrase about the shoemaker’s children? Yup. That’s me. Making for everyone else and not much in my own closet…

But I am really good at dressing others, and I have had a delightful fundraising season this year doing just that! I’ve discerned that there are three ways to dress for a fundraiser:

  1. Cool Funk – anything fashionista, costume, pushing the boundaries of fashion with attitude
  2. Tres Chic – that sophisticated yet edgy dress or tuxedo
  3. Classic Timeless – modern, simple, yet always stylish

As I stated above, I worked with many organizations this season, privileged to dress clients to suit their personas as well as the events with which they were involved.

I am honored to have met and worked with some fabulous people who work at these organizations. Who wore what and how did they wear it? Here is a sampling:

Cool Funk:

  • Trish Kordas at SAAF – we know you totally ‘wowed’ the crowd at the MODA event when you walked in wearing the red lotus print silk top with those skinny leopard texture pants. Fashionista!
  • Lamonte Hunley and Stephanie Hunley at the Centurions – We admit, those costumes were a challenge, but we think you pulled it off fabulously as The Wiz and Evilene the Wicked Witch!
  • Laura Tanzer as a munchkin from The Wiz, at the Centurions fundraiser.
Cool Funk Costume Lamonte Hunley Stephanie Hunley

Lamont Hunley as The Wiz & Stephanie Hunley as Evilene the Wicked Witch

Tres Chic:

  • Michelle Blumenberg at Hillel – we made a fabulous French Brocade Tuxedo for you!
  • Ellen Yacovone at the Tucson Police Foundation – Ellen, we love, love love the two piece asymmetrical outfit we made for you!
  • Trindi LeForge at the Amphi Foundation – We made a Tuxedo for you that you totally rocked!

French Brocade Tuxedo Jacket

Classic Timeless:

  • Bonnie Faircloth at the Tucson Police Foundation – Bonnie, that blue brocade dress, WOW!
  • Nancy Shaeffer Casey at St. Luke’s – That red silk dress was ‘da bomb’!
  • Jennifer Turner at the American Heart Association – We love your adventurous spirit, and your little black dress in French brocade and lace!
Classic Timeless Little Black Dress

Classic Timeless Little Black Dress

Love These Organizations!

I love the spirit of community, the commitment to our ‘sense of place’ in Tucson. I love that we have a vibrant arts and culture community (SAACA) as well as organizations active ‘on-the-ground’ for everything from environment (Mrs. Green’s World) to Politics (Stronger Together AZ) to health (American Heart Association, SAAF), Kids and Families (Centurions, Amphi Foundation), and security (Tucson Police Foundation).

I love the small town feeling of knowing someone wherever I go, and meeting their friends and associates at interesting events (The Women’s Foundation Luncheon, Child & Family RESOURCES).

I am delighted to be able to contribute to many of these organizations by donating to their fundraisers, in both ‘normal’ ways (gift certificates for silent auctions) and extraordinary ways such as designing, making and donating a dress for Suzanne McFarlin to wear and auction at the Diaper Bank’s ‘Dancing With Our Stars’ event.

Cherry Red Tango Dress

Suzanne McFarlin Wearing a Cherry Red Silk Tango Dress

Thank you all for welcoming me into your lives!