Three ways to wear a convertible dress

Michelle Micalizzi and Laura Tanzer discuss three ways to wear a convertible dress

I loved speaking with Michelle Micalizzi of Relentless Talk Radio! One never knows where these conversations will go, and this was so enjoyable. I’m usually a bit shy. Thank you for making me feel comfortable on camera!

Relentless Talk Radio invites people to cultivate creativity and support art and fashion; focuses on champions charitable organizations on a mission to do more good; encourages people to make a commitment to a health and fitness; and shouts out inspired business concepts that are ready to explode.

We discussed many things in this segment. Some highlights: how to make fashion comfortable, what interests me when I engineer and design women’s clothing: body geometry for proper fit, and sustainability.

…fashion has to be comfortable.  So you can just put it on, look at yourself once in the mirror, and say Yeah, I’m fabulous, and I’m going to go conquer the world!

Convertible Dress:

When engineering the Laura Tanzer convertible dress, the idea is to be able to take one dress and wear it in three different ways.  Shop the Laura Tanzer convertible dress.

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