What A Crazy Year!

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What A Crazy Year!

News You Can Use

This section is devoted to interesting news in and around fashion.
This month I focus on Party Style.

There are many websites party styling, ideas, & advice.
We suggest going here for a lot of inspiration, whether you  plan to dress up or go casual.
Who What Wear

KIM_1907-Georgio-Armani-blogEvening PJ’s with some shine and a cozy velvet jacket.
That’s the best NYE outfit!
Giorgio Armani Fall/Holiday 2018

Fabulous Fashionistas – Women To Admire

This Month I admire Valerie Von Sobel
Ms Von Sobel fled her native Hungary in 1956.
She moved to California years later as an actress. She has had an eventful life, and is one of the admired women in the book “Advanced Style”.

In her early 70s, Ms Von Sobel embraced fashion full on, creating her own iconic style. She now has a blog, a fabulous Instagram page, and a devoted fashionista following. Fashion is all about expressing yourself!


More about Valerie von Sobel

Body Geometry

Body Geometry is my system for designing and engineering clothing to fit the different body shapes: Circle, Square, Rectangle, Triangle, Inverted Triangle, and Hourglass.

Let’s talk about the square. I will use myself as example. I have a square shape torso. I also have long legs, short arms, and a normal length neck. My long legs help me look a bit taller than my 5′ 2.5″. I like that. I can wear the top at left, over slim pants instead of this skirt because that makes my body look less like a square.

Which shape are you? If you are unsure, come on in to my atelier, or send a picture of yourself in a leotard, and I will advise you!

This top & skirt combination is great for a woman with shorter legs.


Save The Date!

February 10, 2019
Invitation Only Fashion Show
International Artist Barbara Rogers Home

If you would like to receive an invitation, please email Laura before December, 2018

Upcoming events

December 6-29: Gownaganza! All party clothes are specially priced this month – up to 70% off! Fundraiser season is here – get your gown/gala outfit now!

December 12: Green Living Magazine Holiday Pop Up. from 5-8 pm at the GLM HQ in Scottsdale. This is the most sustainable Pop Up ever! Food, fun, and fabulous fashions!
15685 N Greenway Hayden Loop, Suite 300, Scottsdale, AZ 85260 Tel: 480.840.1589

December 14: We will be open until 8 pm for all of you attending the Maynards Merry Wine Celebration

December 21: We will be open until 8 pm for all of you attending the Maynards Celebration Wines event

January 17 2019: Artisan Showcase featuring Candace Greenburg and Linda Friedman. Both are extraordinary artisans, and I am delighted to showcase their work. This is an evening event, from 4-8 pm.


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